Jay Leno, Bar Refaeli & Jesse Heiman team up for hilarious spoof of GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial

It's one of the most controversial Super Bowl commercials in recent years, so of course late night talker Jay Leno would want in on the action.

GoDaddy.com's ‘The Kiss' commercial has stemmed praise from some and scorn from others. It features supermodel Bar Refaeli and little-known actor Jesse Heiman, representing the website's "sexy" and "smart" sides, embracing in a long kiss.

In the open to ‘Tonight Show' Wednesday night, Leno asked Refaeli if they could recreate the commercial.

"Sure," Refeali responds. "Pucker up."

Leno does what he's told, and when he closes his eyes, Refeali pulls in Heiman, who goes in for the smooch.

Take a look at the video below.


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