Oklahoma rock band The Flaming Lips' Twitter account 'hacked', group vows they're not broken up

Don't worry, The Flaming Lips haven't gone anywhere. 

The Twitter account of the famed Oklahoma City rock band, which has been together for a more than impressive three decades, had its nearly 1 million followers holding their breath with news the band had called it quits.

"We have sad news," read an @theflaminglips tweet just before 5 p.m. Thursday. "We've broken up."

Only an hour later, however, another -- more reassuring -- tweet.

In fact, the band's longtime manager Scott Booker told "The Oklahoman" Thursday evening the tweet wasn't a prank or a bit of promotional saviness, but a prank. 

Nonetheless, The Flaming Lips are on the minds of millions of fans at a fortuitous time. The band is expected to release a five-song EP, "Peace Sword," on Tuesday.

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