Celebrity cook Paula Deen out at Food Network after admission of racial slurs, 'Today' show no-show

NEW YORK - Food Network says it won't renew Paula Deen's contract after admission she used racial slurs.

The celebrity cook was a no-show Friday at the "Today" show, where she was scheduled to appear to answer questions about past use of racial slurs.

"Today" host Matt Lauer told viewers he had spoken with Deen the day before to arrange what NBC had promoted as an exclusive, live appearance.

But shortly before the show went on the air Friday, Lauer said he was told by a Deen representative that she was pulling out.

Deen issued three separate apologies online Friday, which mobile users can watch here -- (http://youtu.be/tDOezlc52z0) (http://youtu.be/nu6Us7fpr00) (http://youtu.be/9L9LOfVlNxc)

While questioned last month in a discrimination lawsuit, the 66-year-old Food Network star admitted to having used racial slurs in the past, but insisted she and her family do not tolerate prejudice.

The Food Network said Thursday it doesn't tolerate any form of discrimination and is looking into the situation.

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