Wash. Co. Sheriff's Office: Bartlesville man kidnaps, holds mother at gunpoint

BARTLESVILLE, Okla. - Multiple charges have been filed against a Bartlesville man accused of kidnapping his mother, holding her at gunpoint, kicking her and later threatening and shooting at his sister who came to check the welfare of her mother.

Twenty-seven-year-old Zeke Waylon Bordner, charged with assault with a deadly weapon, kidnapping, possession of stolen property and possession of marijuana, appeared in Washington County District Court on Wednesday where the judge maintained his bond at $150,000.

According to the report, the investigation into the incident began shortly after 3 p.m. Monday when Washington County Sheriff's officials spoke with his mother and sister.

They told officials the incident happened at the mother's house near Dewey.

Bordner's sister said she had gone to her mother's house to check on her Sunday evening after her mother had contacted her earlier and told her Bordner was angry and causing problems. The sister became concerned when she was unable to reach her mother after calling her cell phone numerous times.

When she arrived to the residence, Bordner came out from hiding behind some tree, running toward her and screaming while pointing a pistol and a shotgun at her. She told authorities he had a gun in each hand and pointed them at her head as he approached.

He then threatened her with the guns and they got into a physical fight as she tried to take the guns away. However, as she was unable, she fled toward her car at which point Bordner twice fired the pistol at ground near her feet, causing gravel rocks to strike her legs.

It was then she called 911, she said.

The deputies noticed bruises on her right arm, on her left hand and wrist and on the inner part of her right knee. She said the latter injury was due to Bordner striking her with the butt of his shotgun.

The mother told authorities that Bordner held her at gunpoint at her residence and yelled and screamed at her, telling her numerous times he was going to kill her and bury her body in the woods. All this he did while pointing a .44 caliber revolver at her, at different times with its barrel pressed against the front, back and sides of her head.

She said starting from 10 p.m. Sunday, he forced her to stay seated and blocked her path of escape. The mother said Bordner at one point handcuffed her and later kicked her between her legs when she tried to escape.

The woman was eventually able to flee and take refuge at a friend's house in Kansas, she said.

An investigation of the scene revealed three spent .22 caliber casings to the north of the house and two more such casings in the driveway in front.

The mother reported to authorities several guns and ammunition were missing from her gun safe. She also reported two checks from her checkbook gone.

When deputies went to the Bordner's father's house to speak with Bordner, Bordner initially denied having the weapons, but later admitted to their presence in his bedroom.

Entering the room to retrieve the weapons, they noticed a smoking device next to the bed and "a green leafy substance" on a nearby desk.  Also present was a partially rolled "joint."

Authorities also noticed two bongs and smelled the odor of burnt marijuana in all three devices.

Reportedly, Bordner made a statement to the effect of "not smoking that fake bake stuff, I smoke real weed."

Bordner is due back in court on Thursday.

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