Hot catalytic converter ignites grass fire in rural Dewey

DEWEY, Okla. - All it took was a touch from a pick-up truck's hot catalytic converter as it passed through a pasture many miles east of Dewey, and the grass erupted into flame and soon there was a grass fire.

Conditions are that hot and dry, and that ripe for fire, Washington County Fire Department Chief Kary Cox told 2NEWS.

He said thanks to quick action by the Dewey Volunteer Fire Department — and Wann, Copan and Washington County Fire Departments providing mutual aid — firefighters were able keep the blaze "fairly small" before dousing it.

He said such a large response on such fires will be typical, especially in the current heat and dryness.

"We are going to throw everything we have got at it," said Cox, saying that due to the high temperatures, if a fire were to get out of hand, firefighters would quickly wear out. That is why firefighters are hitting fires fast and heavy.

Dewey Volunteer Fire Department Chief Dale Little told 2NEWS his department was called out to the blaze at around 1:45 p.m. Once there, it took firefighter roughly an hour and a quarter to extinguish the blaze, limiting the damage to only 15 to 20 acres burned.

The fire resulted in no damage to structures or any injuries.

The Red Cross which arrived to the scene as well supplied the men with drinks and snacks.

"They've done a great job," Little said of the Red Cross.

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