Doc: Bartlesville student suspected of plotting school shooting had gun, swords, marijuana at home

BARTLESVILLE, Okla. - The full findings of a warranted search of a Bartlesville student's home suspected of plotting to shoot his classmates and blow up his school have been released.

The Washington County search warrant made public Tuesday revealed more than a dozen seized items from the home of Sammie Chavez.

Chavez, 18, was arrested Friday morning after a tip from another student.

Police said a student confirmed that on Wednesday Chavez tried to recruit other students to help him "lure students into the school auditorium where he planned to begin shooting them after chaining the doors shut," read the report.

The student reportedly told police Chavez threatened that if the student's assisting him did not do as he instructed, he would "not hesitate to kill them and/or himself."

A review of information obtained from the school computer used by Chavez showed searches from Nov. 30 for a .22-caliber rifle built on a machine gun platform, police say.

Police also say students witnessed Chavez not only "researching the Columbine High School massacre and remorseful letters on the 'in Memory' page," they also saw him looking at a website on how to build pipe bombs.

Bartlesville police confirmed Monday a .22-caliber rifle was found at his home following his arrest.

The following is the list of recovered items per the search warrant:

  • One, Marlin model 99 M1, .22 caliber semi-automatic rifle with stock cut off and made into pistol grip type rifle
  • One Russell Stover Tin containing ZigZag Rolling paper roller, smoking pipe containing burnt substance believed to be marijuana, burnt pipe loader, burnt wire, aluminum foil and a clear plastic grinder container containing approximately .28 grams of a green leafy substance field tested positive as marijuana
  • One set of Superior Balance, model Viper-250, Electronic Scales
  • One Blue, white and red cloth bi-fold wallet containing a "RIP Graveyard" drawing, a "Suicidal Timmy" drawing, a handwritten love letter from S.L.B. and a Homemade alcohol recipe
  • One black Staples spiral notebook journal containing 59 pages of writings dated April 10, 2011 thru September 30, 2012
  • One pair of Silver in color, brass knuckles
  • One Green Spiral notebook with two pages containing writing
  • Two handwritten notes
  • Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise Newspaper Graduation insert from May 20, 2012
  • One Batman Joker Poster titled, "The Dark Knight"
  • One Scorpio Poster
  • One large black sword
  • One large homemade type sword
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