Dewey mother set for retrial on child neglect charge

BARTLESVILLE, Okla - A Dewey mother still behind bars following a mistrial in August on a child neglect charge is now set tofor retrial.

Twenty-four-year-old Danielle Connor, accused of child neglect after the severe scalding of her 16-month-old toddler last January, appeared in Washington County District Court on Wednesday where a judge set her trial date for Feb. 11 next year.

She is however first due back in court on Dec. 14, the cut-off date for motions.

The court declared August trial a mistrial after jurors announced after nearly seven hours of deliberation they were deadlocked and the jury was hung.

Dewey police arrested Connor following an investigation that began on Jan. 30 when the Wichita Police Department contacted them about a toddler whose burns appeared suspicious nature, according to the affidavit.

A detective told police Connor's alleged story the burns resulted from a spilled pot of boiling water did not match the injuries as the injuries appeared to be submersion burns.

Reportedly, when Dewey investigators spoke with Connor and confronted her with the evidence, she reportedly told them she had placed the girl in a bathtub with a 3-year-old child in water that "was not hot."

Connor said she left the children for 10 minutes when she heard crying at which time the 3-year-old found her and tried to tell her something she said she could not understand. She said she thought it was about an argument over a toy.

She told investigators when she came back to the bathroom and noticed the hot water was on and the younger girl was screaming, she immediately lifted the child from the water and "the skin fell off (the 16-month-old's) legs."

It was following this interview on Jan. 31 police arrested her and the 3-year-old was taken into Department of Human Services custody.

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