B'ville School District: Making steps toward new Kane early childhood center

BARTLESVILLE, Okla. - Bartlesville school officials are making tracks to begin district construction and improvement projects thanks to funding from last month's bond election.

Members of Bartlesville's school board last week authorized the sale of $4 million in bonds as part of the $12.675 million bond vote that passed on Aug. 28.

Following the sale of the bonds to take place Oct. 4, the funds will become available around mid-November.

According to district spokesperson Chris Tanae, at that point officials will tackle the plan for construction of a new 8-classroom early childhood education center at Richard Kane Elementary to replace the three portable buildings now in use.

"We want to get Kane students in there as early as we can," Tanae told 2NEWS when asked when construction will begin. He explained the district is waiting on the funding and is still in the planning stages for the new center.

Currently a committee of Kane's teachers are meeting monthly to decide on ways to tweak the early-childhood center's design— similar to the recently completed 8-classroom additions found at Ranch Heights and Wilson Elementary Schools.

"They are taking a look at Ranch Heights and Wilson and seeing what we can do better here," he said.

Also to be funded by this first bond sale will be improvements to the district's transportation department. The money will allow the district to begin replacing its aging buses and other vehicles – a process that will continue throughout the life of the 7-year bond issue

Among the other bond projects will be work on Custer Stadium such as the installation of safety handrails, new lights and a new sound system. Restrooms and concessions will also be constructed on the stadium's east side.

Tanae said the district hopes to make these latter improvements by this year's graduation ceremonies.

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