BPD: Man arrested for DUI threatens to kill officers' families

BARTLESVILLE, Okla. - A Bartlesville man is being held on a $50,000 bond after he allegedly threatened to kill the families of the two police officers who arrested him for allegedly driving drunk.

Twenty-eight-year-old Nicholas Aaron Suter now faces charges of driving under the influence of alcohol, making threats to kill, transporting an open container and driving while under suspension.

According to Bartlesville police, an officer at around 2 a.m. Sunday was driving northbound near the 1500 block of Hillcrest Drive when a southbound Oldsmobile drifted into the path of the patrol car, nearly colliding with it.

The patrol car immediately did a U-turn and tried to stop it, but the car continued southbound "swerving back and forth in both traffic lanes."

Finally when the vehicle turned on to 18th Street and came to a stop, the officer approached the car and its driver, identified as Suter.

Noticing the strong smell of alcohol coming from the vehicle, an open beer in the front of the vehicle and an ice chest in the back seat, the officer asked Suter how much he had had to drink.

Suter reportedly denied having consumed any alcohol, but was slurred in his speech and unsteady on his feet, according to police.

Police also noticed a half-full bottle of liquor in his ice chest.

Officers then checked his license and found he was driving on a suspended license.

As police transported him to jail, Suter reportedly said multiple times he was going to kill the officer and his entire family. He then reportedly threatened he was going to murder the parents of the other officer who had arrived to assist.

During Suter's appearance in Washington County District Court on Monday, the judge set Suter's bond and ordered he not be in any possession of alcohol nor be in a place where it is sold.

Suter is due back in court on Oct. 5.

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