Bartleville Public School Distirct ranks second among largest schools in state, tied with Bixby

BARTLESVILLE - Information gathered through Bartlesville Public Schools' shows the district's grade point average from the State Department of Education ranks above most schools in northeast Oklahoma.

In a comparison among the 32 largest schools in the state, BPSD saw it ranked higher than any of its "peer districts," including Stillwater (3.5), Jenks (3.33), Yukon (3.32) and Owasso (3.16). 

BPSD scored a 3.66 district grade, putting Bartlesville at No. 2 in the state behind Edmond's score of 3.83 and tied with Bixby Public Schools.

The district released its findings in a report card last month. (

"This means our staff is accomplishing the goals we have set," BPSD Superintendent Gary Quinn said. "We individualized instruction for each student and strive to be specific and a prescriptive  

This was the first year the State Department of Education rated schools and districts through it's a-F Grade Reporting  System. Previously the department used Academic Performance Index (API).

Bartlesville High School, Middle School and Wayside Elementary School scored an A, Jane Phillips Elementary School scored a C, while all other schools earned a B.

Grades were populated based on student performance, overall student growth, growth among the bottom quartile, and overall school performance.

"Thirty percent of our schools scored an A," Quinn said. "We want to see more schools reach an A next year. This was the first year to see these report cards and we want to continue to improve."

Last month, the House of Representatives and Oklahoma Senate approved changes to the A-F grading system through House Bill 1658. The bill returned to the House for consideration of amendments.

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Quinn echoed what many Oklahoma superintendents have voiced concerning the report cards and hopes the state will continue to refine its grading criteria in the school years to come.

"Several changes need to be made, and we have already seen a few of those addressed thanks to legislation and new amendments from the State Department of Education," Quinn said. "They need to make it more meaningful and fair and solely measure what our academics are.

"For now, we are just looking at the data that is in front of us.

View Bartlesville's full district report card here . (

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