Bartlesville voters to decide on $13 million for schools

Bartlesville voters in August will be voting on two bond proposals totaling nearly $13 million for Bartlesville schools.

The Bartlesville Board of Education during a special meeting on Tuesday approved the setting of the two questions totaling $12.675 million to the ballot for the Aug. 28 election.

According to Bartlesville Public Schools Community Relations Coordinator Chris Tanea, the first proposal for $11.625 focuses largely on an expansion for Richard Kane Elementary for its early childhood center, improvements to Custer Stadium and funding for operational costs.

The work on Richard Kane entails the building of two new pods adding eight classrooms for early childhood — replacing the three portable classrooms now in use.

Among the improvements proposed for Custer Stadium is the addition of railing to the stadium's aisles, the installation of new lighting and sound systems and the construction of restrooms and a concession stand to the visitor's side of the stadium.

The proposal calls for no student population consolidations or school closings.

Additionally, the bond would fund day-to-day operational costs in areas such as technology, curriculum and other areas.

Tanea said the passage of this bond issue is essential.

"If this doesn't pass, we will have to pull from the general fund around $1 million a year for seven years — as this would be a 7-year bond — which could mean possible personnel reductions."

The other question for $1.05 million would pay for transportation costs including a number of new buses to gradually replace older buses and for five new maintenance pick-up trucks.

Tanea told 2NEWS the best part of the bond is it calls for no new taxes.

"We are really trying to stress that to people. There is no new tax levy increase."

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