Bartlesville Public Schools $36 million election to restructure high school, renovate middle school

BARTLESVILLE -- Bartlesville school officials have set a Sept. 10 bond election. The district is asking voters to approve a $36.72 million bond issue, which will go to renovating Central Middle School and restructuring Bartlesville High School and Mid-High.

According to Chris Tanea, Community Relations Coordinator for Bartlesville Public Schools, the bond primarily focuses on the district's middle schools.

Should the bond issue be approved, Central Middle School, a 100-year-old facility, would undergo a large-scale renovation.

"It's going to essentially be getting a facelift on the inside, and we will be preserving the outside so it continues to have the history and appeal that people have always enjoyed," Tanea said.

Madison Middle School will be demolished and those students would be transferred to the Mid-High, allowing the high school to be restructured for students in ninth through 12th grade and making way for a new Freshman Academy.

"This improvement would increase academics available to all our high school students and afford them access to some of our best resources."

About $1.5 million will go to security features, including increased video surveillance, Lobby Guard kiosks and establishing a secure entrance for those campuses that do not direct visitors immediately to the school office.

About a year ago, Bartlesville Public Schools attempted to secure funds for the same project. A February bond election failed. In August 2012, Bartlesville voters approved a bond issue for technology updates. A June 27 decision by the BPS Board of Education approved the district to once again take the measure to the voters.

"We've done a lot at our high school and our elementary schools, but we haven't done much to our middle schools. Those buildings are aging and we want to bring them to the standards that our students need."

Tanea also said going from four secondary building to three would reduce costs around the district.

This $36.72 million bond issue, if approved by voters, would be tax-neutral, Tanea said. Bond issues need at least 60 percent approval to pass.

The bond election is set for Tuesday Sept. 10.

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