Bartlesville marching band performs in Dublin for St. Patrick's Day Festival Parade

DUBLIN, Ireland - More than 200 Bartlesville High School students celebrated their St. Patrick's Day in the Emerald Isle, Sunday.

The BHS Bruin Brigade Marching Band performed in Dublin, Ireland's St. Patrick's Day Festival Parade around 7 a.m. CST.

The band was invited a few years ago by the Lord Mayor of Dublin, according to Bartlesville Public School District.

Alex Claussen, BPSD Director of Instrumental Music, posted on Facebook Sunday morning that the band was making history "by marching in the largest Dublin St. Patrick's Parade to date."

The band was 16 of 17 in line, followed by Purdue University.

Later this week, the BHS Orchestra will perform with the Fermony Concert Band for the concert band's 85th anniversary, and the BHS choir will sing in Dublin at St. Patrick's Cathedral.

The orchestra and choir are also scheduled to hold a joint concert at St. Canices Cathedral in Kilkenney, Ireland.

The group of 288, including adult chaperones and music department staff, will spend their spring break in Ireland touring the country and return home March 21.

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