Bartlesville man accused of trying to kill wife sentenced to 55 years in prison

BARTLESVILLE, Okla. - A Bartlesville man accused of attempting to kill his wife more than two years ago was sentenced Wednesday to 55 years in prison.

Washington County District Judge Curtis Delapp sentenced 45-year-old Marty Allen Owens, charged with assault with intent to kill, first degree burglary and pointing a firearm, to two 10-year terms and one 35-year term to be served consecutively behind bars.

The judge made the decision following the recommendation made by jurors in June when they found Owens guilty in all charges.

He was arrested on Aug. 23, 2009, when he drove his pick-up truck into his wife's house on the 600 block of Northwest Cummings.

According to the police report attached to the case, Owens, wearing a military styled helmet, boots, a harness and utility belt, pointed a loaded rifle at his then wife and pulled the trigger. When the gun did not shoot, as it had misfired, he reportedly attempted to choke her.

A neighbor coming on the scene took Owens off his wife and restrained him until police arrived, said the report.

During the trial in June, the defense and prosecution teams argued over Owen's claim that he had black out during the ordeal and that, due to the above the legal limit level of alcohol found in his blood following the incident, he had had impaired judgement.

The state argued that indeed Owen's may have been impaired, but he still had some capacity to reason, judge, make decisions and to intend, pointing out how that night of Owens's alleged black out, he sent texts, made calls and could remember events some events of that night.

The district attorney pointed out how Owens, before he had crashed his truck into his wife's house, had called members of his family telling them he was going to take his own life.

"He was on a suicide mission. He didn't intend to be around here anymore," said Buchanan, saying it appeared Owens planned on driving into the house, taking the life of his wife and kids and then himself.

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