Bartlesville High School choir students trickle back from Ireland after stalled trip

BARTLESVILLE, Okla. - Most of the Bartlesville High School students who were stuck in Ireland for nearly a week are back in Oklahoma.

Some of them however, will have to wait another day before seeing their parents.

The 30 choir students were there as part of a Spring Break trip, where they performed at two different cathedrals. They were scheduled to return home, last Thursday, but their flight was canceled due to a Lufthansa Airlines employee strike.

The children were divided into groups and rebooked on four different flights, scheduled to depart on Monday. One of those flights was delayed in both Dublin and Copenhagen, so the students missed their connection in Chicago.

Bartlesville Public Schools spokesman Chris Tanea says the students will spend Tuesday night in Chicago and return on Wednesday morning.

The remaining students were welcomed home by their cheering parents. When asked if she was excited to finally see her daughter Kelsea, Sandi Hull responded, "Yes. Definitely, yes."

Kelsea says the students passed the the extra time in Ireland bonding and doing some extra sightseeing. "We went up to Belfast to the Titanic museum and we took a tour around there," she said.

Kim Holcombe, a chaperone on the trip, says Lufthansa Airlines was helpful, during the delay. "They paid for the hotel and our meals. We made the most of it," she said.

The students say they will return to school on Wednesday after the trip they say they will never forget.

"It was a great experience," said Hull. "I wouldn't change it if I could."

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