Bartlesville digging out from under several inches of snow; many in town are ready for spring

BARTLESVILLE, Okla. - Like many places around Green Country, people in Bartlesville spent Monday digging their way out from under several inches of fresh snow. 

From Sunday night until Monday morning, Bartlesville received five inches of snow and sleet. 

Several children and parents spent the afternoon sledding just outside of town. While finding ways to enjoy the snow, many at the sledding hill had one message for winter.

"I'm done with it to be honest with you," Shawn Young said as he watched his kids sled. "It's been good. It's been nice, but it needs to slowly fade away."

In town, even with a snow plow, Mike McDougan was worn out as be plowed his mother's driveway and got yet another workout cleaning up winter's mess. 

"We are sweating, we are sweating underneath," McDougan said, pointing at his winter hat.

In downtown Bartlesville, "We came in this morning; it was about 4:30," Rick Fields said.

Fields started salting and clearing sidewalks before the sun even came up. Twelve hours later, he was still at it. In that moment he said he and the rest of Green Country would be fine with winter going back to wherever it came from. 

"Yes I think we would," Fields said. "I think a lot of people would be fine."

Out on the streets for most of Monday was Brad Bernabe. He works for Bartlesville Public Works Department, clearing and salting streets. 

Like Fields, Bernabe also put in a 12-hour work day. He hopes winter doesn't throw another snow storm his way.

"Oh yeah, hopefully this is the last one," Bernabe said. "I'll be glad when the snow is done, spring is here."

So whether sledding in, plowing, salting or clearing the snow, winter is wearing people out in Bartlesville and elsewhere too. After a long day, many say they just want to go home.

"Hug my kids. Sit down and relax. Watch some TV," Bernabe said.


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