Some Bartlesville choir, orchestra and band members hit with flu after St. Patty's trip to Ireland

BARTLESVILLE, Okla. - Some Bartlesville band, choir, and orchestra students returned home from Ireland with an unfortunate souvenir Thursday night.

The group of 200-plus were invited to Ireland to participate in a number of St. Patrick's Day-related events. The band even took part in the St. Patrick's Festival Parade, with an expected one million people watching across the globe. 

According to the Facebook page dedicated for the Ireland trip, Instrumental Music Supervisor Alex Claussen posted that some trip participants were diagnosed with Type B Influenza.

"We shared great music, memories, and germs," Claussen went on to say.

Those experiencing flu-like symptoms are advised to get checked out as soon as possible. 

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Meanwhile, 30 members of the Bartlesville choir remain in Ireland, unable to get a flight home--presumably because of an airline strike. 

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2NEWS will be Skyping with one of the stranded students on 2NEWS at 10. 

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