Affidavit reveals new details in Osage County missing person case

PAWHUSKA, Okla. - An affidavit filed in connection to a Bartlesville woman arrested last month reveals new details about the night in August when 62-year-old Timothy Hauser of Bartlesville disappeared.

According to the affidavit, 36-year-old Kathleen Roland, charged last month with accessory to conjoint robbery told investigators Trysta Shaffer, 28, and Rusty Petty, 40, arrived to her home around the time Hauser disappeared on Aug. 9.

Shaffer, whom Osage County authorities arrested along with Petty on robbery charges nearly a week after the disappearance, reportedly told Roland a man had attacked her and that Petty had hit him with a tire iron.

Roland reportedly told investigators she saw blood on Petty's pants and gave him another pair. She said she also saw "a wad of cash" which she estimated to be around $500 and heard Shaffer and Petty discussing the amount.

"I just kind of knew, like I'm not dumb. Like I know what Trysta does. Like I knew where it came from," she told authorities, saying she didn't ask because she didn't want to know.

Roland told investigators Shaffer later gave her $20 and and an additional $320 to hold.

She also recalled hearing Petty say he needed to "get rid of the tire tool."

According to the document, Roland said she had the two leave her home when a neighbor came to her and said some individuals were inquiring about her as she knew Shaffer. They wanted to know if she knew anything about the missing Hauser, Roland recounted the neighbor saying.

She is due back in court on Friday.

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