$10M renovations underway at Bartlesville High School

BARTLESVILLE, Okla. - Seventh graders at Bartlesville Public Schools will be the first to walk into a brand new building at Bartlesville High School.

Construction for the new building began Thursday, and will be completed in August 2015.

Principal Ladonna Chancellor is excited about the addition of more than 50 classrooms and more space for students.

"At the end of the project it will mean one less transition for students which research shows can be a tough time for kids," she said.

Currently the high school only houses 11th and 12th graders. Ninth and 10th graders who need to take upper level curriculum classes have to travel in from two other middle schools.

The $10 million dollar worth of renovations are part of a $36 million dollar bond that was passed in 2013. Once the renovations are done construction will begin at other schools in the district.  Madison Middle School will be demolished.

Chancellor says the number of students will double from 800 plus to some 1,600 or so.

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