2 Works for You presents Storm Shield Severe Weather Safety special and Elite Storm Chaser chat

TULSA - The 2 Works for You Storm Shield Weather team is keeping you safe this severe weather season with a half-hour special on KJRH-TV channel 2.

Our Storm Shield meteorologists have a team of storm chasers who are their eyes and ears in the field with severe weather strikes.

We rely on the Elite Storm Chasers to get out before the storm forms and relay information back to us about what the system is doing.

Three members of the team joined us in studio for a live web special April 10 as we prepare for severe weather season.

They talked about what got them into storm chasing, the equipment they use and their scariest situations. One of them has been struck by lightning not once, but three times!


Dennie Brison. Dennie has been chasing storms for 16 years. Not only is he a certified storm chaser, he's also a certified First Responder. He says he got into chasing because he was fascinated with thunderstorms and tornadoes and he wanted to help get accurate weather info and warnings out to people. We did a story on Dennie in May 2013. You can read more about him here .

David Williams. David is a school teacher in Tulsa. He says his interest and curiosity of the weather started when he was a young kid. He says he's self-taught. David attended read forums and attended group meetings held by trained storm chasers to learn what it takes to properly be out on the chase.

Derek Masingale. Derek owns a hot air balloon business, and it was a chance encounter during a ride that pushed him into chasing. He's been chasing storms for 27 years. Derek says many years ago, he gave a hot air balloon ride to a retired Channel 2 meteorologist who gave him the idea.

Tim Lawson. Tim was a Weather Observer for the United States Air Force for six years. After his service, Tim started storm spotting for the Rogers County Emergency Management. That "peaked" his interest so much so that he started chasing storms, and has done so for the past 20 years. Tim says he loves photography, weather and helping people, and storm chasing allows him to combine those things that he enjoys doing the most.

You can watch our live streaming special with our chasers by watching the video on this story. You can also find it on our YouTube channel .

During the show we took questions from our Facebook fans and Twitter followers who joined in on the conversation.

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